Franklin Fire Intumescing Coatings

Franklin Fire Intumescing Coatings

Franklin offer intumescing fire protection coatings tested to the highest standards to complement fire safety objectives for both Health and safety and also wealth protection in Bangladesh. Structural steelwork is the most commonly protected material but protection can include other materials such as aluminum and plastic.

Fire Protection is a moral and legal requirement to ensure the safety of people at work and at commercial& industrial. If appropriate fire safety provisions are not made, including passive fire protection, the economic and social effects of fire could be catastrophic.

We Support:

Contacting us for specific advice in the early stages of a project can have significant benefits throughout design, construction and application of coatings.

  • Preparation of material take-offs

  • Internationally recognize standardization product

  • Anti-corrosion advice

  • Industry best practice guidance

  • We operate on an international basis to support our client’s needs.

Our Service

  • Material supply
  • High quality application machine
  • Internationally acceptable application system
  • Globally trained applicator
  • Affordable cost
  • Knowledge Base

We have members actively involved in technical committees on subjects including:

  • Coating technologies
  • Product performance
  • Fire engineering

Fire Testing

With our world class fire testing facilities we can undertake bespoke testing to meet your specific project requirements.

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