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FRANKLIN FLOORTECH named FRANKLIN was conceived and formed in the year 2008 by a team of qualified Engineers and other professionals possessing long-standing experience in various fields of construction chemical industries activities with a vision and mission to play a significant role in the development and construction chemical industries sector in near future.

FRANKLIN has started the journey to take these challenges and is determined to exist its excellence in the field of construction Such as buildings, industry, and infrastructure projects through innovative planning and employing the latest techniques with continuous advancement.

We believe that our dedication, commitment, technical superiority, experienced human resources, and collective management efforts will ensure quality, accuracy, and timely completion of works for the prospective clients.

The top management of FRANKLIN during the tenure of the last 14 years played a key role in the field of industrial construction through Planning, Evaluation, Tendering, Monitoring, Supervision & Execution of the industrial building, Power plants, High rise Apartments, Office buildings, Commercial buildings, Roads and Highways projects, Water supply, Sanitation, and Deep tub well projects.

Finally, keeping pace with rapid economic and technological changes, we are determined to put ourselves in the front line of the Construction Chemical sector through our works in the future to build a planned, productive, and healthier environment around us.

We believes in teamwork. We feel proud to have a very strong team and we are confident to achieve our goals and objectives with accuracy. We are dedicated to providing the most efficient and effective skills in the Country. We are working continuously to improve our system to provide the best and most efficient services to our clients and also to match with the upcoming days.

Berger Fosroc is a global manufacturer of high-performance chemicals and materials for the Construction industry. We have started working with Berger Fosroc Ltd. as the authorized distributor.

And Berger Paints Bangladesh Ltd, the market leader in the Bangladesh Paints Industry and Fosroc International Ltd, a global leading company in the field of Construction Chemicals, have entered into a legally binding Joint Venture agreement signed to set up a new legal entity “Berger Fosroc Limited”.

About Our Mission & Vision:

About Our mission is to develop and adopted the country’s industrial sector by using our knowledge, raw materials, and manpower efficiency applying also expanding our idea sharing.

To Provide our clients with the resources to complete their projects safely, on-time delivery projects, budget allocation fulfillment, and serve high-quality standards by integrating motivated, flexible and focused teamwork, a dedicated project management team, and outstanding craftsmanship in an injury and drugs-free work environment that encourages new ideas, new innovation and growth.

To build and maintain long-term relationships based on the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, performance, value, honesty, and client satisfaction in our relationship with our suppliers, sub-contractors, Business partners, and clients.

We are dynamic and visionary and committed to improving industrial protective coating through the transforming power of chemistry.

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