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Adhesives are jointing materials as bonding agents to provide Structural integrity.

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Adhesives are components that initiate the adhesion of two compounds. Earlier plant resins were used as common it but now there are synthetic products that have more power than natural ones. Besides the major function in any particular industry to bond substrates in order to structure the final product, it is used for many functions in daily life. These are found in every simple compound around us. It serves its purpose in each small product around us. It includes sealing the pipes or other items that require sealing. The compounds used for the preparation of adhesives should satisfy many criteria in order to serve it’s the purpose of bonding two different substances together. It includes common household activities like screw fixation to avoid self-loosening and sticking out broken products.

This product is used for all kinds of industries, small or heavy. In small industries like those of food products, toys, or stationery items, it play an important role in processing packaging. In small industries, it has roles like connecting the parts of the toys, and the lipstick connected to its base. In heavy industries right from assembling spare parts of any machine or vehicle, car paint, or branding them with labels. In furniture woods are bonded with strong products and in the construction industry too for strength in the structures, Apart from these there are also many other uses for adhesives.

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