Industrial Flooring (PU)

Franklin floorcrete (PU) flooring system is formulated to withstand harsh and demanding environments. Floor Crete flooring systems combine the most demanding performance characteristics resistance to impact, abrasion chemicals, and thermal shock. A polyurethane concrete binder is combined with Portland cement and graded aggregates to deliver superior characteristics. This unique combination of urethane cement and graded aggregates makes the flooring system resistant to high levels of moisture and vapor transmission. It can be installed with an integral cove with areas requiring the sanitary seamless wall to floor intersecting areas.

Floor Crete flooring system designed to be used in

  • Food processing areas
  • Production Areas
  • Bottling areas
  • Industrial Warehouse
  • Cook/ Chill areas
  • Commercial Kitchens Features & Benet’s
marine coating paint solution

Floorcrete (PU) Flooring Features & Benefits

Floorcrete (PU) Flooring Features & Benefits

  •  Excellent adhesion to various substrates-concrete, quarry tiles, brick pavers, and plywood
  • Formulated for installation ease and quick turnaround
  • Very low doors can be used in occupied areas.
  • Breathable flooring system-withstand high levels of moisture vapor transmission
  •  Does not Support fungus or bacteria
  • Excellent Chemical and thermal Shocks resistance

Importance of Applying Foam Concrete and Benefits of Foam Concrete

Importance of Applying Foam Concrete and Benefits of Foam Concrete

A great number of environmentally friendly buildings using Foam Concrete as nonstructural members have been built in recent years. It is also used for bridge abutment filing to eliminate differential settlement. In addition, the applications for prefabricated components production, building foundation, and airport buffer system are also reported.

It has excellent water and frost resistance and provides a high level of both sound and thermal insulation. The concrete formed is extremely stable and lightweight, and will not sink into soft ground or impose undue loading on roofs and other structures. It is uniquely versatile and with its huge range of dry densities and strengths, it can be tailored for optimum performance and minimum cost by choice of a suitable mix configuration.

Benefits of Foam Concrete:

  • Results in minimum time
  • Cost-effective
  • Require minimum skilled workforce
  • Environment friendly
  • Economize on Energy Consumption
  • Finished dwellings are weather-proof, thermally comfortable, and durable Suitable for Hurricane/ Earthquake
  • proof constructions
  • Makes productive use of industrial waste products
  • Energy saving
  • Sound Insulation