Cementitious Fireproofing

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Fireproofing is a protective coating for steel structures. To save the steel section from melting during burning.

About Fire Proofing

Fireproofing provides materials and structures resistance to fire so that during an accidental case of fire the critical structures keep operating until the fire is brought under control. It means applying certain products over the materials or structures which minimize the escalation of fire and thus plant operators get sufficient to act against the fire.

It needs to be durable to survive the rigors of everyday life in the plant so that if and when a fire does occur, the fire endurance properties have been maintained and the fireproofing can be depended on to function satisfactorily. Everyday exposure may involve mechanical abuse, exposure to oil, solvents, and chemicals, and outdoor weathering for prolonged periods of twenty, thirty, forty years, or more. As a coating for steel, fireproofing may provide a good measure of corrosion protection.

Fireproofing is designed to protect the structural steel which supports high-risk or valuable equipment. The failure point is generally considered to be 1000°F, as this is the point where steel has lost approximately 50% of its structural strength. The aim then is to prevent structural steel from reaching 1000°F for some period of time. Tanks, pressure vessels, and heat exchangers may experience a significant cooling effect from liquid contents and so, less fireproofing protection is generally required. Some thermal insulation systems may serve a dual role as fireproofing and this is common with some pressure vessels. Piping may be insulated but it is not generally considered to be fireproofed.

It can be painted or sprayed on the surfaces within your home or building. Fireproofing is used to coat steel to keep it below the temperature that causes weakness, but it is also used to coat electrical circuits to prevent overheating. This coating is also used to cover metal bridges and concrete tunnels and even to coat vaults. Professionally applied spray-on it is made from one or more common ingredients, including Monokote MK-6, Cafco 300, and Cafco Blaze Shield. These chemicals are combined with calcium hydroxide, mica, fibrous plasters, and other combinations to speed up hardening. Modern sprays do not include asbestos and are safe for use in homes and commercial buildings, although the dust from construction should still be avoided without proper breathing masks for general reasons.

Type of Fire Proofing

  • Cementitious fireproofing
  • Intumescent fireproofing
  •  Firestop fireproofing

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