Grinding Aids and Performance Enhancers

Grinding Aids and Performance Enhancers

These products are tailor made to suit the different needs of the cement industry.

Grinding aids and performance enhances are a special category of products that are used in grinding clinker and non-hydraulic additives to produce a variety of high-quality cements. These products are tailor made to suit the different needs of the cement industry. Some of the major advantages of using these products are:

  • Reduce specific energy consumption of grinding
  • Enhance throughput of the mill
  • Lower clinker content in PPC and PSC to conserve valuable resources
  • Reduce pack set
  • Promotion of better flow characteristics of cement

Demand for Cement Grinding Aid & Performance Enhancers Rises with its Multiple Applications, this covers the following:

  • Application,
  • Residential Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Hygienic The smooth surface, hardened and polished, does not absorb and so it is easier to remove germs and bacteria.
  • Economical To transform an old floor in an aesthetically beautiful new floor, it’s cheaper than any other solution. Also, a polished floor compared to a rough cement floor allows considerable savings on maintenance costs, since the operating machines find less resistance and so less wear of the brushes, discs, wheels, mop, etc.
    • Dyeable Is it possible to add an artistic touch by coloring with impregnation colors called baton color dye. The baton color dye unlike paints or resins systems “do not cover the surface”, do not create a film but they go in depth reacting with the “cement salts”. So, they do not scratch or peel like the paints and do not come off or don’t make bubbles like resins.
    • Ecological The color is sanded and polished without application of resins, paints, or other products potentially harmful and carcinogenic. There will not be over time migrate doors and volatilization in the air of micro particles that may cause allergies or health hazardous.
    • Dust proof.
    • Durable surface.
    • Aesthetically pleasing.
    • Resistant to heavy traffic and forklifts.
    • Easy to clean.
    • Resistant to external agents.
    • Highly hygienic environment in the workplace.
    • Possibility to colour.