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A complete range of high precisions cementitious & epoxy grouts for machine foundation, bridge bearings, rail grouts & precast industry

About Grouts & Anchors

Grout is a material that has a property of free flow high strength and non-shrink generally used for filling the gaps/ voids that occur in civil engineering structures during the construction or post-construction activity. Grouting materials are generally cementitious or epoxy and depending on the necessary requirements of strength and flow ability either cementitious or epoxy materials are used.

Anchors are required in civil construction activity for fixing various elements into the concrete which needs very high strength, fast setting, and enormous pull-off load-carrying capacity.

There are many international and local brands when it comes to Chemical Grouts & Anchors. We are the authorized distributors for major chemical companies like Fosroc. We are in a spot to advise and cater to the needs of our esteemed customers with quality & cost-effective solutions where the strength and durability of structures are of the utmost importance.

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Grouts & Anchors
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