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Franklin road marking solution is very helpful for traffic signs in the form of a marking on the surface of the road.

About Road Marking

It makes a vital contribution to road safety and optimizing the use of road space and making it possible to provide information that is not easy to convey using mounted signs.

The effectiveness of road markings in enhancing the safety of road users depends on the markings being clearly visible. This becomes particularly important at times of low light, such as during nighttime, rain, or fog. Since the visibility of these products is a crucial factor in ensuring traffic safety, strict performance requirements have been introduced to ensure the efficacy of road markings, which must be checked and maintained on a regular basis. It comes in a range of formats, including thermoplastic, screed, spray, extrusion, and rib line, but all must meet strict visibility requirements.

We are working to continuously improve and enhance technologies to deliver products that bring families home safely. Here are three key characteristics that set our pavement markings apart from the rest.

High Contrast
Contrast—the difference between the road marking and the background—is a key characteristic that machine vision (optical cameras) systems associated with ADAS, LDW, and Lane Centering use to identify and classify markings. Contrast markings combined with wider markings allow for detection at longer distances relative to narrower, non-contrast markings.

To ensure that machine vision systems will continue to accurately detect your pavement markings for years to come, they need to offer stable, persistent performance. This means they must retain their luminance, contrast, and wet retro reflectivity over time.

Wet Reflectivity
It’s critical that machine vision systems and human drivers can detect this product in all conditions—including when it’s raining and the roads are wet. Road markings that deliver continuous wet retro reflectivity can be reliably seen in wet conditions.

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