Water based Epoxy Paints

Water Based Epoxy Paints for Floor

Water-based epoxy resin floor paint products are ideal for most domestic, commercial, and light industrial floor painting jobs Such as garage floors, workshops, factory assembly or storage areas, etc. Franklin Water Based Epoxy Resin Floor Paints are now becoming increasingly popular and are the best floor paints for a great many floor painting applications. This is as the technology of the ‘water-based’ epoxy resin floor paints, or more correctly ‘water dispersed’ epoxy resins floor paints that are provided by NCC. This is now so greatly improved over the other products available in the market. Franklin is a clear technology leader in this field, which is why we generally prefer them advanced materials of the two-component water-based floor paint type such as clear and any color. Franklin is also a major international producer of excellent new technology water-based epoxy resin floor paints, but these are only available in fewer and larger pack sizes, plus a more limited color, water dispersed epoxy resin floor 

paints are that they contain no dangerous solvents (or VOC’s Volatile Organic Compounds, as they are now referred to), so, they can be used safely in occupied areas, they are not sensitive to naked flames and they will not contaminate foodstuffs.

Franklin Water based Epoxy Paint